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ONE STEP LAMINATION — a unique flagship product by IC FACTORY.

The fastest lash lamination procedure in the world: for the first time ever, you need only one composition
instead of two!



LASH LAMINATION — a fresh look at the familiar procedure. Now, even faster and gentle

ONE STEP LAMINATION, a new line of IC FACTORY brand. Knows no equals on the market! The regular
compositions are just the past! Now, you need only one composition, and no more unnecessary actions.
Have more spare time for yourself and spend less time on a client – by 30% less!

ONE STEP LAMINATION is one composition instead of two! The composition contains no thioglycolates,
hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia, performs a gentler action on the disulfide bonds of a hair in contrast
to the regular ones. It allows preserving the eyelash condition as much as possible – the hairs do not get
overdried or damaged. The effect lasts longer than when using the regular compositions!

The new formula based on encapsulated cysteamine ensures a controlled and milder effect of cysteamine
on the disulfide bonds of a hair. The eyelash curl is formed in parallel with the tinting process, when
a mixture of dye and oxidant is applied.

The specially developed emulsion allows the care components, sensitive to the oxidation-reduction
environment, not to lose their efficiency and provide a beneficial effect on the hair structure.

How to use:

Using a micro brush, evenly apply a small amount of Composition ONE STEP BOND BUILDER IC FACTORY to 2/3
of the eyelash length 1-2 mm from the roots, leaving the tips free.
The recommended exposure time for the composition is 5-12 minutes (depending on the eyelash density
and thickness).
In case of having too coarse, thick eyelashes, the exposure time can be increased up to 15 minutes.


5-7 minutes for thin, porous eyelashes;
7-9 minutes for eyelashes of medium
thickness, and eyelashes that have
previously been chemically treated;
9-15 minutes for coarse, dense, thick
eyelashes, and eyelashes that have not
previously been chemically treated.