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MAXYMOVA- Golden Wax for Eyebrows-Rosin-Free Elastic Wax Pearls, 200gr

Free from rosin and infused with the delicate aroma of vanilla, these golden pearls offer a luxurious, efficient, and skin-friendly solution for removing unwanted hair.


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– Rosin-Free Formula: Specially formulated with vegetable resins and natural beeswax, GOLDEN WAX ensures a hypoallergenic experience, perfect for sensitive skin areas like eyebrows, bikini lines, armpits, and the face.
– Superior Elasticity: Its unique composition grants GOLDEN WAX exceptional elasticity, allowing for easy, multidirectional application without breaks or cracks, catering to every contour of your body.
– Long-Lasting Smoothness: Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups. GOLDEN WAX clings to even the shortest hair, ensuring a clean pull and smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. Enjoy the dual benefits of hair removal and gentle exfoliation for hydrated, soft skin.
– Convenient and Almost Painless: Designed to melt at a gentle 36-37°C, this wax is easy to apply and doesn’t require fabric strips. Experience a quick, almost painless removal process that leaves behind no residue, only elegance.
– Elegant Aesthetic: The pleasant golden color of the wax pearls not only does the job effectively but also adds a luxurious touch to your personal care regimen, making it an essential part of your beauty toolkit.

HOW TO USE: 1. Heat the wax with a special wax heater. 2. Continue heating until the wax is completely melted, blended and lukewarm, taking on a creamy consistency. 3. Test the temperature by applying a small amount to the inside of your wrist before shaving. 4. Take the wax with a disposable spatula, spread it thinly over the area to be epilated, leaving a thicker edge to facilitate tearing. 5. Cool the wax, lift the edge slightly and tear quickly in the opposite direction of application. 6. After hair removal, apply a post-hair removal product to remove wax residue and leave the skin clean and soft. WARNINGS: – Do not use on irritated, chapped skin, with pimples, wounds, cuts or varicose veins. – Make sure your skin is dry and not irritated before use.