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MAXYMOVA – Lavender Brow Lift System Kit (Pumps Bottles)

Eyebrows Lamination Sistem


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  • Brow Lift Sachets, 5 x 1.5ml
  • Brow Fix  Sachets, 5 x 1.5ml
  • Lash and Brow Cocktail, 5ml

Step 1 Exposure Times: 

  • Thin and porous hair – 6 minutes
  • Medium hair with normal porosity – 8-10 minutes
  • Thick, coarse hair with high porosity – 12-14 minutes

Follow with Brow Fix 2 for no less than 8 minutes. Remove with a slightly wet cotton pad. 

Keratin helps restructure the eyebrows, leaving them softer and smoother.

Silk proteins improve the manageability of the brows and gives them softness and shine.

Biotin (vitamin H) plays a key role in the growth of hair, participating in the synthesis of keratin. Its formulation has been specifically designed to perform brow lamination in a gentle and delicate way.

Does not contain Thioglycolic Acid.

25-30 treatments.

Lavender fragrance.

MAXYMOVA Lash and Brow Cocktail – Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum (15ml)

This cocktail is full of different vegetables and fruits that will improve the health of the hair bulb and follicle by stimulating hair regrowth.

It contains biotin, also called vitamin H, which improves the quality of the hair cuticle, vegetable keratin that is deposited on the hair to make it more voluminous and healthy, and also contains ceramides that moisturize and protect the hairs.

It detangles giving silkiness and shine thanks to the vegetable active ingredients with which it is enriched.

Leaves the lashes soft, shiny and soft.

Made in Italy