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BROWN is a natural brown colour. It is universal and will adapt to any colour of the skin. The most natural colour in the NIKK MOLE Colour range

The Professional range of NIKK MOLE Brow Henna consists of 8 highly pigmented colours, perfect for each skin type and tone, and can easily be mixed and customised to create the perfect colour for any client.

Download instructions here

Specially formulated with botanical ingredients and extracts, NIKK MOLE Brow Henna is coming all the way from Morocco and is sourced from the finest Henna plantations.

NIKK MOLE has worked many years to find the highest quality henna to guarantee beautiful superior colour and long-lasting stain.

Key features:

– Long-lasting colour up to 8 weeks in hairs and 14 days on the skin

– Eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin

– Gentle and innovative formula

– Great range of 8 colours that can be mixed with each other

– Up to 100 treatments in 1 jar (10g)


– NIKK MOLE Brow Henna is for professional use only.

– Do not use the product on irritates or damaged skin

– Do not us the product for eyelash tinting

– Do not use the product after Expire Date (stated on each bottle)

– Only use freshly prepared henna for each treatment

– Application time – no more than 20 min

NIKK MOLE Brow Henna contains natural ingredients that may cause irritation. For clients with sensitive skin or with known allergy it is recommenced to conduct a sensitivity test (apply the mixture to the elbow bend)


  1. Cleanse the eyebrows gently and remove all the make-up
  2. Exfoliate the brow area using a pea size for each brow with the NIKK MOLE Brow Scrub. This will allow an even application and the Henna will penetrate the skin better.
  3. In a non-metallic container mix the Henna (the amount equivalent to 2 rice grain) with 5-8 drops of distilled or sterile water to achieve soy sauce consistency. Mix thoroughly.

To visualise the consistency, we divide it into 3 groups:

– Milk consistency (very runny) – usual Henna in that consistency will only tone the hairs but won’t give the bold stain (Black Henna colour in this consistency will only slightly stain the skin in a light graphite shade)

– Soy sauce consistency (a little thinker) – it’s your perfect working consistency, will give great tone to the hairs and will also amazingly stain the skin (Black Henna colour in this consistency will give you a dark lush stain on the skin in anthracite colour and will perfectly coat the hairs)

– Sour cream consistency (very thick) – great for those who want a bold tattoo effect. (Black Henna colour in this consistency will give you a bold stain in blue-black shade on the skin with tattoo effect)

You can adjust the thickness by adding more water – the more water you add, the more natural looking will be the result.

  1. Smoothly apply a light coat of your Henna mix using a synthetic brush on the skin and hairs and create a soft ombre effect. try to avoid making spots and gaps, spread the colour evenly.
  2. For a well-defined and bold result you can apply the henna in several layers.
  3. Application time is from 10-15 minutes depending what result you would like to achieve. You don’t need to wait until NIKK MOLE Brow Henna dries completely. The henna can be removed even half dried.
  4. Gently remove the Henna using water or a Brow Oil. Brow hairs are very delicate and you need to make sure you do not scrub the area.

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera argentea, Emblica officinalis, Sodium PCA, Tartaric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Acacia Concinna, Citric Acid, P-Aminophenol.

Made in Morocco.

– Gender: Unisex