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Soft glue for fixing eyelashes on the form.

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Soft glue for fixing eyelashes on the form.

The melting of the glue allows you to straighten the eyelashes on the pad as much as possible.

How to use Novel soft lamination glue?

To fix the silicone pad on the eyelid. Clean the eyelid, eyelashes and lining with a degreaser. Then apply a small amount of glue along the edge of the lining to the flat surface of the lining. Let the glue dry a little. Attach the pad to the eyelid, press it slightly until it is fixed.

For fixation of eyelashes on the form. Apply a small amount of eyelash lamination glue to the silicone mold. Let the glue dry a little (about 10-20 seconds). lift the eyelashes with a stack with a needle and press them against the form. If some eyelashes move away, add a little glue to them and press it against the lining again. Make sure that your eyelashes don’t tangle.

Shelf life from the date of production is 1 year.

After opening – 6 months.

Volume 5 ml.