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Highlighter from the Ukrainian brand of professional cosmetics OKIS BROW.
With it, you can visually correct the shape of the face and eyes, make the relief more attractive, high forehead, voluminous lips.
Effortlessly and quickly imparts a subtle natural glow. Combines with any color type of appearance.
The silky fine texture spreads evenly on the skin, creating a weightless and natural coverage.
Highlighter in just a few seconds will create a slight effect of skin glow.
Provides weightless, thin coverage. For intense shade – apply in several layers. Easy to pick up with a brush. Does not dust when applied. Does not clog pores, allowing skin to breathe.
With it, you can perform the strobing technique in a matter of minutes, highlighting certain areas of the face to advantage. Gives the skin not only shimmer, but also effectively refreshes the image.
OKIS BROW highlighter features:
– compact size
– easy and even application
– Provides ultra-thin, natural coverage
– complements makeup with incredible shine
– Enriched with fine reflective particles
– blends flawlessly
– does not clog pores
– does not roll and does not crumble during the day
– delicately masks any imperfections;
Can be used for everyday makeup and professional photography.

How to use: Apply with a powder brush or fingertips to the desired areas to be emphasized.
Application recommendations:
On the cheekbones – gives them expressiveness, a seductive and healthy glow to the face. Creates a lifting effect.
On the bones under the eyes – refreshes the face, also helps to correct dark circles under the eyes.
On the back of the nose to adjust the shape as needed.

On the inner corners of the eye or bridge of the nose – visually corrects the shape of the eyes, increasing them.
Under the eyebrow – optically raises the eyebrows, corrects their shape, makes the forehead higher.
On the checkmark of the upper lip – visually gives the lips additional volume. Chin – allows you to visually stretch the oval of the face.
5 years
Volume: 10 g