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Multi-use brush for high definition brows.


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This multi-use Concealer Brush is the perfect tool for giving brows high definition with the use of concealer. This Concealer Brush is also perfect for mapping the brow with White Paste. And as a bonus this brush is also very suitable for tinting and using make up for bolder brows.

With the Concealer brush every brow artist will have the highest quality tool for giving brows high definition with concealer after a brow treatment. Also this brush is very suitable with the use of mapping paste before a henna brow treatment. The brush is also suitable for applying brow make up, tinting and henna brows on bold brows. The brush is made of stiff short synthetic hairs to create high precision lines, copper ferrule and wooden handle. We made all the brushes with short hairs. This will help to create sharp lines and defined edges. With this Concealer Brush you make every brow pop!

Brow Mapping
First create a brow map for henna brows
Dip the concealer brush in the mapping paste, strike the brush in a equal movement around the brow map. Hold the brush in an angle for the sharpest lines

After your shape, henna brow or tinting service, dip the brush in the concealer. Make sure the concealer is the right color (which means 1-2 tones lighter than the skin). Use the sharp angle and draw a straight line under de brow. Blend the line by making downward strikes with the brush. To blend even better, use the Supercilium Blending Brush to create a smooth look.

Make up, Brow Henna and Brow tint
Dip the Concealer Brush in the make-up, henna or tint. Make sure you don’t use too much product on the brush. Apply on the brows with a striking movement for sharp lines and defined edges.