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SUPERCILIUM Pre-inked eyebrow mapping string (set of 3 boxes)

Pre-inked eyebrow mapping string WHITE


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Every Brow Artist knows perfect symmetrical brows require mathematical precision.

Our Pre-inked Eyebrow Mapping String is the ideal tool to use before Brow Henna, PMU, and Microblading applications.

It can easily map the perfect brows and create symmetrical, straight lines on faces.

The thread is colored with cosmetic-grade ink, which is easy to remove.

With this mapping thread, it’s never time-consuming again to deliver perfect brow shapes.

  • The Brow Mapping String set comes with 3 boxes, each containing 10M long of pre-inked mapping thread. The thread is colored in white with cosmetic-grade ink which can draw sharp and thin straight lines on the face while the ink is easy to remove after the brow treatments are done. The Mapping String is a perfect tool for creating beautiful and precise brow shapes before Brow Henna, microblading and PMU applications.