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Prepare extra clean skins for brow treatments


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The Supercilium Pro Cleanser with Matcha & Mint is used before applying the henna. To make sure that the henna penetrates the skin properly, it’s important to clean the skin around the eyebrows carefully but thoroughly from excess oil and dirt. The ingredients of Matcha & Mint help the skin cool down before the treatments, while also protect the skin from dehydration. This cleanser can also be used prior to other brow treatments, such as lamination, tinting, or shaping. With extra clean skin resulting from Pro Cleanser, get ready to rock some new flawless brows!

  • Our Pro Cleanser is the perfect product to thoroughly clean the eyebrows and the skin around them. The ingredients of matcha and mint provide the cleanser a gentle, fresh smell. Furthermore, the ingredients help open up the pores for a deeper clean effect and have the skins cool down before the treatments. It protects the skin against dehydration and strengthens the skin cells. The brow treatments also benefit from a proper cleanse on the skins to achieve better results. At Supercilium we truly believe in the power of nature. We aim to keep our products organic and close to their roots.

    • Add a few drops onto a cotton pad until damp and gently go over the brows and brow area until clean.