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ARCAYA – GENT’S CARE (5 In Box, 2ml Each)

Especially for men’s facial skin

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What it is:

Moisturizing, refreshing and smoothing  concentrate with anti-hangover and relaxation effect. Especially for men’s facial skin. An ultra-effective, revitalizing ampoule that moisturizes and soothes all the layers of men’s skin. The complexion immediately appears refreshed and renewed. An active ingredient complex consisting of whiskey extract, taurine, caffeine and hyaluronic acid instantly leaves the skin feeling fresh and looking vibrant. Thanks to the relaxing effect, redness disappears, and the skin takes on a more relaxed and calm appearance.

Why it works:

Whiskey extract has an enzymatic effect, nourishing the skin to make it velvety smooth. Taurine leaves it dewy fresh. All signs of tiredness, puffiness, dark eye rings, tense facial features and fine lines are reduced. Caffeine increases circulation in the skin, while Irish moss moisturizes and soothes. Aloe Vera juice calms the skin and relives irritations, while cucumber juice refreshes. Triple hyaluronic acid moisturizes all layers of the skin. Sea mayweed extract protects and soothes the skin, making it less prone to redness.

Features worth celebrating:

Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and made with natural & active ingredients

How to use:

After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply between half and all the contents of one ampoule and gently massage in until the skin has absorbed everything. If needed, use a moisturizing cream afterwards..