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Lifting & Remove fine line Anti-Aging Mask



  • Intensive  fine  lines,  expression  wrinkles  and  large  pore treatment.
  • Targets  visible  signs  of  aging,  large  pores,  creases,  and crinkles.
  • ​Keep  skin  smooth  and  wrinkle  free  and  improves  moisture levels  in  the skin.

Argireline Contouring Mask is a high-quality, toxin-free face mask that will leave your skin looking younger, brighter and more radiant. With the help of peptides and antioxidants, this mask reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by tightening the skin’s surface and reducing excess sebum production. It is formulated with Argireline, a natural active ingredient that is proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 30%.

Argireline Contouring Mask Treatment is the perfect way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Argireline is a peptide that works by relaxing your facial muscles, which helps you achieve a more youthful appearance. It does this by preventing the contraction of muscles that cause wrinkles, so you’ll look younger and feel more confident!  Our Argireline Contouring Mask Treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to look younger without having to spend hours in the gym or at home working out. The treatment takes about 15 minutes, but it can help you look years younger!

You should expect to see a significant improvement in the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. You may notice that the skin on your face feels firmer and tauter, and you will definitely be able to see a difference in the texture of your skin.

Ingredients: Argireline, albumen, Zea Mays, Acetyl hexapeptide, allantoin, aloe barbadensis leaf, panthenol, silica, diplamitoyl hydrosyproline, butyle glycol. 1.2- hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, illicium verum (anise) and fruit extracts.

The key active ingredient, Argireline, also  known  as  acetyl  hexapeptide  -3  or  -8  targets fine  lines  and  subtle  expression  wrinkles  (caused  by  repeated muscle  movement).  Argireline  affects  nerve-to-muscle communication  so  that  the  muscle  contractions  do  not deepen  expression  wrinkles,  it  also  stimulates  collagen production,  further  helping  to  increase  skin  firmness.  Along with  the  skin-smoothing  effects,  argireline  improves  moisture levels  in  the  skin.  And hydrated  skin  is  always  going  to  look more  youthful  than  dry  skin.  This  powder  mask  is  best  for  full face  application  targeting  where  you  have  large  pores, creases,  and  crinkles  around  the  eye,  mouth  and  forehead.

Instruction how to mix: 

Pour a small amount of powder (1 teaspoon) in to a bowl and add 5 – 6 ml of water to mixed to a foamy consistency.  Apply with brush to face and neck.  Leave on the 5 – 15 minutes (5 – 10 min).  Remove with hot towel or warm water and sponges.  Apply one of our serums to finish the treatment.

How often can the treatment be done?

As soon as every 1-2  weeks. If  you are planning a course of in-clinic treatments, the Argireline contouring facial is a great starting point to help establish a healthy foundation and get the skin in shape for more advance treatments such as skin needling.  Assisting the Circulatory system to function at its best by providing Lymphatic Drainage and supporting the Vascular Network to clear toxins from the skin and feed the skin from the inside out. 


Who isn’t a good candidate for this mask?
Contraindications include:

  • Rosacea,  Eczema,  chronically  inflamed  skin  types
  • Thinned/  fragile  skin  types
  • Broken  skin/  lesions
  • Allergies to egg
  • Currently have an active cold sore.


Is the treatment safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?
Yes! Your comfort is our priority so the treatment can be done as long as you can comfortably lay still for the entire treatment and are okay with the progressive ‘tightening’ feel of the mask.