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10R-50 blades in Pack

10R-25 blades in Pack


Platinum is one of the most common elements used in a safety surgical blade coating. Its components are very durable, allowing for a blade that will maintain its smoothness on the sides and sharpness on the edges. Platinum is known for its lustrous appearance.

Our blades are:

  • SHARP AND PRECISE- Highest quality double edge blades for a precise and clean results.  10/10 Sharpness.  Comfortable with good amount of glide. Excellent Longevity.  Rust resistant and Platinum coated.
  • DURABILE – The platinum coated, stainless steel blades, guarantee a long lasting sharpness.
  • SAFE – Blades are protected by a thick plastic cover.

Product Detail:

  • HEAD DESIGN & BLADE- High quality stainless steel blade with protection net, sharp yet safe, makes a super clean and Silky Smooth finish.  The cap was equipped to protect the blade for more applications.  Blade is 3.4 cm lon.
  • HANDLE DESIGN – Handle is made of high quality PS, with excellent texture and good flexibility.  The straight handle design makes for a comfortable grip. 15.S cm long.
  • PROTECTIVE NET –  Blade is absolutely sharp and smooth.  Designed with net blade, it effectively prevents the blade from damaging the skin during dermaplaning.
  • BIO-DISPOSABLE MATERIALS – Take care of the environment like you are taking car of yourself.  Our Dermaplaning Tool is made with bio-disposable/degradable materials like corn strew and wheat straw making it 100% eco-friendly.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE – The Dermaplaning Tool are not only for facial hair removal.  You can remove the peach-fuzz from your neck and lip and shape your brows.
  • SKIN EXFOLIATION – The common secret amoung move stars for glowing skin is dermaplaning.  Use our facial dermaplaning tool regularly and reveal a new, silky smooth skin that will surely still the spotlight in the next friendly gathering or night out.
  • BENEFITS – Provides deeper product penetration.  Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils.  Promotes smoother skin.  Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peach-fuzz”.  Reduce the appearnce of acne scars.  Diminishes the look of fine lines and work
  • on all skin types and skin pigments.

PRECAUTIONS – Not for clients with Diatebetes, clients on blood thinners,  clients with acne, clients on Roaccutane, Retinoic Acids, skin disorders or diseases and highly nervouse clients.  Use as directed.  Do not apply pressure on the blade.  Do not use on eyelids.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not use over active acne.  Contains metal.


1) Cleanse skin with cleanser.

2) Wipe skin with Prep Lotion

3) Apply a thin layer of Prep Oil.  Blot excess off with tissue.

4) Remove protective plastic from blade.

5)  Place blade on face at a 45 degree angle, whilst supporting the skin between index finger and thumb.  Move back and forth over skin 2 – 3 times.  Start on forehead.  Move to temples, upper cheeks, middle cheeks, lower cheeks, across lip, across chin, down nose, between brows and finally the neck.

6)  Wipe skin the Prep Lotion.

7)  Apply a moisturiser


Note:  Client can return to clinic every 4 weeks.  You can use this tool at home weekly to obtain maximum results.  Replace tool monthly.  Wipe the blade with alcohol.