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DERMAPLANING SILK SHEET MASK – Bloom of Youth Revitalizing Serum Mask

DP SILK FACE MASK – Bloom of Youth Revitalizing Serum Mask (Reduces Signs of Ageing)

Penetration enhancer, Strenghtens skin immunity, Free Radical Scavenger, Super hydrating, reduce signs of ageing, restores and glow.


DP SILK SHEET MASK- Bloom of Youth Revitalizing Serum Mask

Glycerine, Rosa Rugosa, Licorice Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, PEG40, EDTA, Xanthum Gum, and Aminoacides.

Penetration enhancer, Strenghtens skin immunity, Free Radical Scavenger, Super hydrating, reduce signs of ageing, restores and glow.

DP silk sheet masks are made from plant fibre and are a luxurious fit providing a skin-tight dermal adhesion, contouring to the face allowing for premium product penetration. They are thinner than typical fibre masks with a fit akin to silk. When applied they adhere to the face without having to reapply or lay down for your treatment.

Formulated with 100% natural plant collagen protein it enhances the skins moisturising function and provides the skin structure with new energy by replenishing with nutritional ingredients.

Mask fits seamlessly on the skin, allowing the rich silk protein, repairing microbes and white strawberry anti-oxidant serum to be locked in the outer pores of the skin and gradually penetrate the skin layers to achieve the desired result quickly.

Beyond being gentle on skin, silk actually promotes a healthy complexion. The tightly-woven, smooth fibers of silk help your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated. Plus, silk’s hypoallergenic properties repel bacteria, which helps prevent breakouts!  

Unlike skin care treatments such as deep cleansing or exfoliating, sheet masks are aimed at deep hydration, balancing, moisturising, calming and skin brightening. The concentrated treatment will leave your skin hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing plus help to restore a dull appearance.

10 Significant Benefits of  the DP Silk Treatment Masks

– 50 times more hydration effect

– Gives optimal cell hydration

– Effective whitening

– Enhance skin collagen elasticity and repair

– Treats sensitive skin and skin disease like pustules, papules & milia

– Seeps through skin rapidly

– Enhance skin nutrition metabolism

– Regenerates health skin tissue

– Repairs skin tissue

– Enhance cell adhesion & anti-radiation

DP Silk Sheet Mask contain an antioxidant function to achieve brightening white complexion and strengthening the skin’s anti-aging capacity; clinical trials proven that the skin had enhanced the absorption ability to the collagen, allowing the skin t be supple and firm.


How to apply – for fast and effective results:

1.  Put in the fridge before application (10 –  20 min priot to application)

2.  Cleanse the skin thoroughly.

3.  Apply Preparation Lotion

4.  (apply Preparation Oil and perform a full Dermaplaning treatment and MuPEEL)

5.  Apply the Silk Sheet for 15 min.  Use a “Jade Stone Facial Roller” (optional) to massage and spread the serum and enhance absorption of the serum.  Direction is upward for 2 mins. or use your fingers, one direction only.

6.  Remove the silk sheet, massage serum into skin.  Apply Aftercare Oil, e.g. Gold.