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MAXYMOVA – Cleansing Mousse for Eyebrows & Eyelashes, 50ml or 170ml

Rinsing make-up remover mousse to cleanse natural lashes and brows and prepare them correctly for the lash lamination and lash extension.
PH 6.5-7


50 ml and 170ml for you to choose.
Lash Cleansing Mousse is designed for the ultimate lash care.  Its specific formulation gently cleanses the face and lashes, removing impurities and makeup.
Mousse is enriched with gentle yet effective ingredients that deeply cleanse lashes and eyelids, removing makeup, oils, and daily grime without causing irritation.
Our MAXYMOVA Lash Cleansing Mousse is perfect for maintaining the health and longevity of lash extensions, as well as the natural beauty of your lashes.

Cleansing Lash Foam by MAXYMOVA is a daily washing lotion that keeps lash extensions clean and in good condition, prolonging their life.

Chamomilla Flower Extract: chamomile flower extract with anti-reddening and soothing properties.

Hamamelis Leaf Water: the water from the leaves of the hamamelis increases the tone of the skin and purifies it.

Hippocastanum Seed Extract: the hippocastanum seed extract is rich in skin and flavonoids, has soothing, antiedematous properties and protects the capillaries.

Home use:

Remove any contact lenses and wash your hands.

Shake the bottle before use and take 2-3 doses of mousse.

Apply in the morning and / or in the evening on the hands or on a brush, making light movements on the lashes while keeping eyes closed. Rinse with water and dry the lashes with a paper towel, then comb through.

Use in the salon:

Shake the bottle before use and take 2-3 doses of mousse. Apply with a brush on the customer’s eyelashes with closed eyes. Make light movements on the lashes. Rinse with water and dry the eyelashes with a paper towel, then comb and proceed with the next steps.