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MAXYMOVA – White Mapping Paste for Eyebrows and Lips Countor

This white paste is a must-have for beauty professionals and anyone desiring a precise and clean application of dye or henna for eyebrows and lips.


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The MAXYMOVA White Paste is a specialized product for defining and drawing eyebrows before the application of dye or henna. This paste is ideal for creating a precise eyebrow contour, ensuring that the coloration stays within the lines without staining the skin. It simplifies the henna treatment process, making it cleaner and easier.

– Content: 15ml

– Color: White

– Glass jar

– Ideal for drawing and defining eyebrows before the application of dye or henna.

– Creates a precise contour to prevent coloration from staining the skin.

– Can also be used for lip contouring before tattooing.

– Easy to apply and remove.

1. Ensure that your eyebrows are clean and the skin around them is prepped.

2. Once the contour is in place, proceed with coloring the eyebrows as desired.