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Thuya Eyebrow and eyelash Dye delivers colour and radiance as well as creating the illusion of more volume and thickness. It intensifies the natural look without needing to use mascara or make up.

It’s unique formula has double action – not only it delivers beautiful color but it also help to repair, hydrate and strengthen the hairs due to its active ingredients such is ARGAN OIL AND KERATIN.

New Thuya Eyebrow and eyelash Dye will guarantee a long-lasting colour!


DOUBLE ACTION: Thuya’s eyebrow and eyelash tint is the only double action formula, since it provides colour and treatment in just one application. Thanks to its active ingredients, it acts on hair as a cosmetic treatment by strengthening, repairing and providing hydration.

KERATIN: Keratin is the main component of the skin’s external layer. Its main functions are to strengthen and repair. Furthermore, it provides resistance, impermeability and shine.

ARGAN OIL: It hydrates and restores smoothness to hair. It is instantly absorbed by the hair and repairs, nourishes, and provides a silky, youthful and healthy appearance. Thanks to its properties, it improves elasticity and flexibility.

ACTIVE COLOR: A formula developed to achieve better results with an intense and long-lasting colour.

Perfectly uniformed long-lasting color

Easily covering of great hairs

Dermatologically and ophthalmological tested

More water resistant

Mix in 1:1 ration with Thuya Special solution (cream or liquid)

Thuya range of products is for Professional use only.