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BROWXENNA – Rainbow Coloring Tints for Eyebrows & Eyelashes, Direct-action Pigments (Choose your Color)

Choose your Color

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BrowXenna® RainBrow Coloring is a set of bright ammonia- and oxidant-free direct-action pigments.

The set contains 8 vivid colors that can be used separately or mixed together:
Dark Blue,
Fresh Orange,
Emerald Green,
Hot Red,
Lemon Cake,
Hawaii Blue,
Barbie Pink.

The thick consistency makes BrowXenna® RainBrow Coloring very easy to apply — the pigments do not drip and leave a clear tint on the hairs.

Try to minimize BrowXenna® RainBrow Coloring pigment exposure to the skin.
Work in gloves.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not apply to damaged hair or skin.
Before the coloring, perform a patch test on a small area on the inside of the elbow bend – apply a small amount of the product, let it dry and leave it for 48 hours. If swelling, redness or itching appears – do not use the product.
Not intended for use by persons under 16.

How to use:
Clean the skin thoroughly and degrease it.
Before the coloring, it is recommended to lighten the hair.
Apply BrowXenna® RainBrow Coloring on the eyebrow and let it dry. The time varies from 2 to 10 minutes and depends on the desired intensity of the shade and hair structure.
At the end of the exposure time, rinse it off with cool water.
Style the eyebrows.
More detailed instruction is in the package