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Nourishing white paste for brow mapping


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Super smooth and nourishing brow past to map the desired brow shape. The white eyebrow mapping paste is infused with Aloe Vera to make sure it nourishes the brow area at the same time. The perfect tool for brow perfectionists that want to achieve symmetry. Creating the perfect eyebrows is all about the details.

Brow mapping paste is used to create the desired map for the perfect eyebrow shape and to create symmetry. By adding brow paste into your brow routine, you can create the perfect canvas for tint later on. It directly makes it visible which hairs belong within the right parameters of the desired brow shape. This makes the shaping process way easier. Next to this, the paste also works as a barrier for brow henna, dye, or tint, so you know for sure you will have super sharp lines after applying the brow henna.

In our hunt for the perfect, smooth eyebrow mapping paste we researched for an ingredient that could add a nourishing effect as well: Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is the superwoman of natural ingredients. It calms, soothes, and hydrates the skin, and is full of vitamins and amino acids. Aloe vera is therefore known for its skin healing properties and is the perfect skin moisturizing ingredient. The aloe vera will give some extra love to the skin around the eyebrows, which can be needed before waxing, tweezing, or threading.

Apply a small amount of brow mapping paste with a Medium Angled Brow Brush our Concealer Brush along the contour of the desired eyebrow shape. Repeat on the other brow, and make sure you create symmetry by using a Brow Ruler. Leave the eyebrow and the skin that needs to be tinted empty, so the paste can work as a barrier.

You can use the brow mapping paste in multiple ways to achieve flawless eyebrows:

1. Simple bottom line
The first way of using the white brow paste is just by creating a simple thin line on the bottom line of the brows. This brings more clarity for you as a brow artist to know where to start your application. And this line helps you to be more precise and consistent, as you will always have the same starting point. Resulting in a super crisp bottom line.

2. Map the entire brow
Another way you can use the Supercilium brow paste is by mapping the entire brow, including the brow arch. Most brow artists start their brow mapping with Mapping String. Once finished with the outline, you can use the brow Mapping paste to sketch out the exact parameters of the brows. Now, no matter where you start your henna or tint application you know for sure the end result will be sharp, as you’re working inside these shapes and the paste will work as a barrier. And it shows you directly which hairs you have to remove with shaping.